Tri-Valley, CA – September 13, 2017 – The Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group, a business organization showcasing the regional Tri-Valley ecosystem of innovation and empathy, announced today the first of its 2017 student award recipients, an extraordinary group of young leaders using technology and innovation to change the world and improve our future.

Christensen Middle School student inventors of the Wheel Chariot from Livermore  have been named the first of several 2017 Dreammakers and Risktakers Award recipients. They have created a modified wheel chair and communications device that allows nonverbal, wheelchair bound students to participate in physical activities alongside their able-bodied peers. Wheel Chariot innovators include members of the school’s Makers Club, and Girls Who Code who were mentored by leaders at Lawrence Livermore National Lab.  The project was also supported by the Livermore Valley Rotary Club and the Livermore Valley Education Foundation.

Several more student innovators will be announced and celebrated at the seventh annual Dreammakers and Risktakers Award Luncheon on October 5th at the Palm Event Center in the Vineyards in Pleasanton.

This 7th annual event salutes the Tri-Valley’s youngest innovators and the awardees represent school districts all across the Tri-Valley region and Las Positas College. “For years, we have been inspired and amazed by these young dreammakers and risktakers” said Dale Eldridge Kaye, CEO of Innovation Tri-Valley. “Their projects are not only technologically advanced but also weave in social innovation components that demonstrates a heartfelt desire to make the world a better place.”

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