Finding a Molecular Needle in a Haystack

Imagine being able to see the entire Statue of Liberty and a small ant on its nose simultaneously. The drastic difference in size between the two objects would seem to render this task impossible. On a molecular level, this is exactly what a team led by Sandia National Laboratories chemists David Osborn and Carl Hayden [...]

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Sandia’s California site recognizes innovative Livermore teachers

LIVERMORE, Calif. — Teachers are no strangers to surprising their students, but in late April, the tables were turned on Livermore teachers Fenna Gatty and Gretchen Reynolds. In front of their students and colleagues, they were surprised as the winners of the Excellence in Teaching Award presented by the Livermore Valley Education Foundation and Sandia [...]

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Sunflower Hill Recognized As Non-Profit of the Year

Register for this special reception on June 29th at Sunflower Hill Gardens to recognize this achievement -

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Lab instrument will explore asteroid Psyche

In a few years, an instrument designed and built by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers will be flying hundreds of millions of miles through space to explore a rare, largely metal asteroid. The Livermore gamma ray spectrometer will be built in collaboration with researchers from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (link is external) [...]

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Alameda County Youth Leadership Academy

The Alameda County Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) is a free, educational program for high school students in the 11th or 12th grade to learn about local government and complete a career development program alongside their peers from around the County. In five Saturday morning sessions in Fall 2017, young leaders will learn about County programs, [...]

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ITV’s “Solutions for Tri-Valley Housing Affordability” Forum Highlighted Housing Crisis

Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership  Group’s (ITV) recent  Solutions for Tri-Valley Housing Affordability forum highlighted the depth of the housing crisis and its effect on the Tri-Valley economy.  Held at Innovate Pleasanton on May 18th, the discussion attracted over 100 people. Led by Sblend Sblendorio, Innovation Tri-Valley’s chair of Housing, Infrastructure and Transportation, the panel consisted of [...]

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Tri-Valley Branding Initiative Roll-Out Announced

With a quest to “live a better life while creating a better world,” Innovation Tri-Valley has unveiled its new brand, complete with logo and updated website. The branding roll-out serves as a clarion call for various businesses and interests to join ITV's ranks.

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