Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group Accomplishments

Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group is bringing about significant change in the region and has recently accomplished the following:

  • Collaborated to produce a comprehensive report about the potential and assets in the Tri- Valley.
  • Legislation that would make the Tri-Valley a model program for a simplified and locally focused process for permitting. This has had buy in from every level of government – Innovation Tri-Valley’s program is recognized by all Mayors, County officials, State and Federal Representatives.
  • Published an SF Business Times insert outlining business trends and innovation firsts in the Tri-Valley. The insert was premiered at a State of the Tri-Valley Event and has been widely distributed.
  • Worked with partners like Bishop Ranch to promote East Bay Innovation Event
  • Framed plan to work on initiatives including STEM, Business Innovation, Public/Private Innovation, quality of life and marketing advancements for the region – ensuring fluidity so issues like transportation and sustainability can be added.
  • Linking business to education via surveys, working with TEC and getting business invested through monies for new programs and use of facilities for training.
  • Working with labs and businesses to promote quality teacher professional development in math and science. Both Sandia and Lawrence Livermore National labs offers programs.
  • Creating a path from early childhood through employment for workforce development.
  • Distributing studies that identify jobs in demand in the next five, ten years.
  • Adding to the richness of the region’s story by bringing in Cleantech Open, bidding on Global Cleantech.
  • Created three flagship annual events – The Innovation Tri-Valley Innovation Forum, #Gamechangers and Dreammakers and Risktakers
  • Advocated for partnerships that can scale up area businesses like the CES/Bridgelux Partnership which was passed by City Council in Livermore in October 2012. We also advocated for the partnerships in other cities and regions.
  • Launched an optimized, mobile-enabled web platform showcasing sponsor companies and organizations.