Innovation Tri-Valley (ITV) is a network of business leaders working to advance the business climate and quality of life in California’s Tri-Valley. ITV is an interconnected community of leaders who have created a robust ecology of innovation that is unique to the Tri-Valley region.

Innovation Tri-Valley (ITV) began with a conference hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce called “How the Tri-Valley Fits Into a Global Economy”. After a full day of presentations touting the commitment to innovation and the riches of the Tri-Valley, Marty Beard, then president of Sybase, and now COO of Blackberry, led the charge to formally establish ITV. More top leaders grew the idea and ITV became official in 2011.

Today, ITV has brought together diverse industries, government, education leaders, and non-profits, who are deeply involved in innovation based organizations. ITV has also established a nationally recognized ecosystem that includes start-ups, two national laboratories, wineries, technology companies, health providers and social innovators who work collaboratively to ensure a strong regional economy.

ITV advocates for inclusive growth and development of business and quality of life within the Tri-Valley region – Danville, Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton and San Ramon.


Innovation Tri-Valley is fueling the interconnected hub of innovation in the Tri-Valley, spurring job growth, sustaining a healthy economy and growing our vibrant community while focusing on inclusiveness and the power of empathy to create a region where everyone thrives.


Establish Innovation Tri-Valley as a trusted resource and strategic advisor on policy and regulatory issues which are critical to the growth of business in the Tri-Valley.

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