Leadership transition for Dale Kaye is not simply the passing of a singular torch, it is the passing of hundreds of torches to innovators, visionaries and community leaders all across the tri-Valley region.

Dale’s vision, and the passion that fueled her daily work as CEO of Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group will burn on brightly through its board of directors, and the united community effort that embodies Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group today.

Community leaders Dale and Ted Kaye, have recently relocated to Portland to be closer to their grandchildren. Dale will continue as a Consultant to Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group in the year ahead.

“Dale’s bold work to foster an empathic ecosystem of innovation truly changed this region”, says incoming CEO Lynn Naylor.   “I am honored to have the opportunity to extend Dale’s vision and grow ITV’s economic impact and brand building efforts.”

The Bay Area Council Economic Institute recently called out the Tri-Valley region as a Bay Area economic juggernaut.  “The Tri-Valley delivers an outsized role in growing the Bay Area economy because of its continuing ascendance as a technology and innovation powerhouse,” says Naylor. “There is exciting work ahead as the Tri-Valley continues as a connective and collaborative leader in the Bay Area megaregion.”

Naylor first joined ITV as a Board Member, then served as COO, before becoming CEO in early August.

“Lynn’s work has taken her around the world. We are lucky that she has agreed to bring her passion for empathy and the power of innovation to the Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group,” says Kaye.  “She, along with the incredible ITV board will guarantee that this regional organization continues to thrive and with it, the entire Tri-Valley region.”

Naylor can be reached at the ITV office in Pleasanton:


Lynn Wallace Naylor
CEO, Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group
5960 Inglewood Drive, Suite 201
Pleasanton, CA  94588
ITV Office 925.989.0188
[email protected]