The City of San Ramon has achieved a green technology milestone with the opening of the first hydrogen station along Interstate 680 where drivers can fill up and experience a guilt-free drive.

The station is located at 4475 Norris Canyon Road.

The San Ramon hydrogen fueling station is just the sixth in the Bay Area. Earlier this year, a San Ramon woman became the first Bay Area resident to purchase a hydrogen-cell fuel car. The public fueling station will help reduce pollution by using cutting-edge technology for a new generation of vehicles, making auto-related emissions cleaner in and around San Ramon, as well as neighboring towns along the Interstate 680 corridor.

“We are excited to be part of this environmentally friendly and groundbreaking moment,” said San Ramon City Manager Joe Gorton, who drives the Toyota Mirai, a fuel cell electric vehicle. “The fuel cell electric vehicle is often the topic of discussion among community members when they see me driving it.”