Innovation Tri-Valley Reports

Innovation Tri-Valley produced two reports in 2010 after an extensive study of the Tri-Valley region. 

Innovation Tri-Valley Plan Overview Report

Innovation Tri-Valley (ITV) started as a commitment between key business leaders to organize an effort to interconnect the businesses, research labs, educational institutions and civic leaders in a common and aligned vision to fully leverage the assets and potential of the region. The group firmly believes that with a united effort we can accomplish more to help our regional businesses grow and scale, resulting in job growth and community vitality.

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Innovation Tri-Valley Potential Report

The major purpose of the Innovation Potential in the Tri-Valley report is to identify and analyze the assets of the five-city California region (Danville, Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton and San Ramon) in the context of its innovation potential. The report provides a basis for developing the innovation plan for the region. It also provides the background data and analysis for further assessment of the regions potential as an innovation hub.

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