2017 #GameChangers Awards

Join us for breakfast to honor the innovation stars from each of the Tri-Valley cities. Among the various awards, the prestigious Founders Award will be presented to an individual or business that has shown strong advocacy of the region.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
8:00-9:30 a.m.
Innovate Pleasanton
4464 Willow Road, Suite 103 (map)

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2016 #GameChangers Awards

Founders Award

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

This award goes to a company or organization that has been a catalyst for innovation, has helped to define the Tri-Valley as a technology hub, supported the region and its initiatives, all the while illuminating its potential.

For more than 60 years, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has provided ground-breaking science, engineering, and technology research to address issues of national importance — from stewardship of the nation’s nuclear deterrent, to homeland security and counterterrorism, energy security, environmental remediation, and economic competitiveness. In partnership with Sandia National Laboratories/California, the Laboratory operates the Livermore Valley Open Campus to facilitate national and lab industry collaboration for product design, development & manufacturing, data management, and the operation of complex energy and communication systems.

Lawrence Livermore is a National Nuclear Security Administration/US Department of Energy laboratory managed by Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC. It employs approximately 5,800 employees and has an operating budget of approximately $1.53 billion annually.

Accepting for LLNL is the lab’s Economic Development Director, Buck Koonce. www.llnl.gov



SocialSource is a team of like-minded entrepreneurs who share a vision to end children's exposure to unsafe content and contact on the Internet. The company delivers social technology solutions that provide parents with the power to oversee every aspect of their children's Internet experience. www.phew.co


Choicelunch is a healthy school lunch program using only the finest ingredients for school districts that may not have the resources on site to provide such a program. Choicelunch offers online ordering and a mobile app so schools can serve lunches made with fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy meat options. The food has no additives, preservatives, or hormones. With approximately one-third of children in America being classified as overweight or obese-—that’s 24 million children—Choicelunch offers a vision and innovation that is growing nationally.

In fact, Choicelunch currently operates four kitchens with 30 trucks delivering food to more than 250 schools across Northern and Southern California. Choicelunch is helping school districts offer the best in school lunches for our next generation of citizens and leaders. www.choicelunch.com



CallidusCloud provides innovative software and services that help to generate sales and boost profits for a wide range of industries. As a global leader in cloud-based sales, marketing, learning, and customer-experience solutions, the firm supports more than 2.5 million users and billions of transactions a month. CallidusCloud’s customers include Allstate Financial, Sprint, JP Morgan, Chase, and HSBC. In addition, their partners include Adobe, Accenture, Deloitte, NetSuite, Oracle, Salesforce.com and SAP.

We are fortunate that Callidus Cloud has chosen to have its headquarters here in the East Bay since the firm and its success helps promote our region’s reputation as a location of choice for leading software firms. www.calliduscloud.com

iTrade Network

iTrade Network headquartered in Dublin, iTrade Network is the leading provider of supply chain management and intelligence solutions to the food industry. Its clients include growers and shippers, manufacturers, distributors, operators, and retailers. iTrade Network has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at improving simplicity, accuracy, and efficiency across the supply chain which makes it simple for their customers to connect with trading partners.

iTrade Network is a global leader in its field, and today its customers include more than 10,000 companies from across the food industry. These customers include industry giants such as Albertsons, Campbell’s, Con Agra Foods, Costco, Del Monte, Dole, General Mills, Kellogg, Kraft Foods, Ocean Spray, Sunkist, Sysco, and U.S. Foods—just to name a few. www.itradenetwork.com


Topcon Positioning Systems

Topcon Positioning Systems is a world leader in precision measurement, positioning, and machine automation in the fields of agriculture, construction, surveying, and civil engineering. Topcon’s precision systems incorporate GPS, laser technology, and optical measurement technologies that result in precise accuracy, greater efficiency, and increased savings of our earth’s resources.

Topcon’s expertise can be seen in a wide range of applications, from partnering with Google to develop the StreetView system, to providing the PGA Tour with the ShotLink system, to supporting agriculture with auto-steering and variable dispersal systems on farm equipment that result in higher crop yields and reduced use of fuel, fertilizers, and herbicides. www.topconpositioning.com

POC Medical Systems

Founded by experienced technology and biomedical professionals, POC Medical Systems has created an amazing device that offers inexpensive and early detection of life-threatening illnesses such as breast cancer, malaria, tuberculosis, and cardiac disorders. Their device—named Pandora CDx Point-of Care System—allows individuals to perform these screening tests either at home or at a doctor’s office using a single drop of blood—and for less than $5 per patient.

This young firm has the distinction of being one of the start-up companies initially located at our region’s i-GATE Innovation Hub, and has now moved out of the facility and made its home in Livermore. www.pocmedicalsystems.com


Nuubia SF

Nuubia SF is an artisan chocolatier making hand- crafted confections from precious, humanely- sourced ingredients. While the Hacienda-based firm could certainly be awarded for the quality of its products, Nuubia’s commitment to conservation that makes it an extraordinary leader in this industry.

In light of the negative impacts on virgin forests and wildlife habitats to supply materials for the packaging of many products, Nuubia is committed to avoid damaging the Earth in the making of its artisan products.

Nuubia’s CEO and Co-Founder, Alexandra Saunders, has stated that "Conservation is at the core of Nuubia’s DNA.” She also points out that her firm is an example of how it is possible for companies to be environmentally responsible without compromising product quality. nuubiasf.com

Leaf Healthcare

In the field of medicine, there is a growing demand for wireless monitoring of patients who are hospitalized. To help meet this need, Leaf Healthcare has become a leader by offering an ingenious device known as the Leaf Patient Sensor. This sensor helps patients avoid developing what are called pressure ulcers that can result from long stays in hospital beds. The Leaf sensor alerts nursing staff to turn the patients in compliance with medical protocol to relieve pressure and to avoid the ulcers.

This past January, Leaf Healthcare’s Patient Monitoring System was named one of the world’s most innovative wearable healthcare technologies for 2016. The company won this innovation award despite competition from 450 other wearable solutions. www.leafhealthcare.com

San Ramon


Established in 1999, FunMobility offers a full-spectrum of mobile marketing campaign opportunities for major brands and well-known retailers. The artists and experts at the firm specialize in consumer-focused experiences that drive discovery, engagement, acquisition, and retention.

FunMobility delivers engaging and interactive campaigns through its proprietary mobile-first technology designed to help its clients integrate gamification, digital prizes, and interactive media throughout every element of a client’s marketing efforts, while at the same time capturing user data on an individual level. www.funmobility.com

GE Global Software Center

GE Global Software Center opened in 2012 and is expanding rapidly. A subsidiary of General Electric—the company founded by Thomas Edison—GE Global Software Center is helping GE redefine itself as a start-up software company. Located in Bishop Ranch, the young firm serves as an incubator of innovation for GE’s 300,000 employees, especially those who design everything from aircraft engines to sales presentations. GE Digital CEO Bill Ruh recently told the Wall Street Journal that corporate structures must evolve with technology, and GE Global Software Center is helping its parent company do exactly that. And, of course, we appreciate that the firm is helping brand the Tri-Valley as the place for innovative companies to locate. www.ge.com/digital

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