Innovation Tri-Valley Committees & Missions

CEO Circle

Led by William Watkins, former CEO of Seagate and former Chair of Silicon Valley Leadership Group, the group meets several times a year to set the agenda from a high level.

Chairman’s Circle

Chair – John Sensiba

This group is considerably smaller than our board and distills deliverables, synthesizes needs of stakeholders and generally sets policy.

Innovation in Education (STEM)

Chair - Barry Russell

Goal - to produce an educated, certified workforce that will make our next generation career-ready and suc-cessful in a Global Economy.

  • Connect businesses with schools to provide direction to develop STEM programs or other programs businesses indicate they need
  • Produce a matrix that defines each districts STEM program
  • Analyze the matrix to determine missing link and fill the gaps
  • Enhance communication between business, School Districts and advanced education institutions in the Tri-Valley and beyond
  • Create cross-district programs like Dreammakers and Risktakers to award student innovators
  • Create models—currently working with Peter Senge on design thinking
  • Produce LLNL CleanTech Open, TEDx, and the Annual Innovation Forum

Business Innovation

Chair - Mark Triska

Goals—Turn up the heat in the Tri-Valley by attracting business to grow in the region, generating jobs, retain-ing top talent and expanding the number of major corporations.

Build awareness:

  • Carry out marketing and public relations campaigns to establish a regional identity, including events such as the Entrepreneurial Boot Camp
  • Establish and scale business; create a one-stop package for establishing businesses
  • Work with government officials to streamline permitting policies
  • Interconnect locally, nationally and internationally
  • Facilitate business and community connections and access strategic relationships with business and government
  • Establish regional presence in national and statewide organizations to gain a broader voice and influence
  • Membership – reach out to potential new members

Quality of Life or HIT Housing, Infrastructure, Transportation

Chair - Sblend Sblendorio

  • Advocating for better transportation infrastructure including Tri-Valley BART to Livermore
  • Advocating for more flights from Oakland Airport
  • Creating a narrative for more workforce housing

Public/Private Partnerships

  • Stimulate R&D: Dollars may be scarcer these days and the competition stiffer, but money still goes to those with bold plans and the leadership alignment to deliver results. Innovation Tri-Valley supports strategies to secure new funding for economic growth programs through innovative public and private partnerships
  • Advocate for partnerships that support Tri-Valley businesses in scaling up e.g. CES/Bridgelux/City of Livermore Partnership
  • Support the Educational component of these programs
  • Leverage intellectual property
  • Build awareness of intellectual property and technology available for licensing. Support development of Open Campus and i-GATE to encourage prototyping of breakthrough IP
  • Advocate as a region for greater Infrastructure investment
  • Explore State and Federal Funding opportunities as a region. Advocate for incentive for technology based companies to locate in the Tri-Valley


Chair - Alay Yajnik

  • Create and implement an effective branding program for ITV. (What is the big idea? How do we punch it in to everything we do? [e.g., Press release templates and all collateral]) We are hiring a firm to do this
  • Create a regional marketing program embraced by all five cities
  • Make sure all member businesses have opportunity to tell their story on website through e-newsletters and events
  • Continue to add to website via dynamic videos
  • Speakers for service groups (e.g., Rotary) and other venues
  • Reach out to business reporters

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