2040 Innovation TRIVALLEY Vision Plan Fact Sheet

What Happens When the Public/Private Sector Come together to Create their Future?

“The TRIVALLEY is an economic juggernaut, growing faster in jobs and population than any other part of the Bay Area. Our region of Danville, Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon and two counties is a major job center, home to two national labs and 450 technology jobs with a regional GDP of $42 billion. Because of this a long-term plan is required to ensure that the region can continue to be a destination for families and jobs while maintaining its quality of life.”
TRIVALLEY Rising 2018 Report

With the 2040 Plan the TRIVALLEY Could Create an Optimum Future for the Regions:

Transportation Systems
Housing, Land Use, Transit Oriented Housing
Workforce Development
Innovation Ecosystem
Youth who will be invited to participate in the process

2040 Innovation TRIVALLEY Vision Plan Process

The Bay Area Council Economic Institute (BACEI) proposes to inform, convene, and moderate a series of workshops that will act as inputs to a 2040 vision plan for the region. In collaboration with Innovation TRIVALLEY Leadership Group, they will invite public officials, business leaders, and other key members of the TRIVALLEY economy to participate in a series of half-day workshops—each focusing on one of the four key areas for coordinated planning identified in the 2018 report.

The Economic Institute will have three key functions/deliverables for each convening:

Pre-convening white papers – BACEI will prepare 10-15-page white papers to be distributed in advance of each workshop, focusing on TRIVALLEY data and best practices/case studies from other regions.

Creation of workshop agenda – In consultation with Innovation TRIVALLEY Leadership Group, BACEI will prepare agendas for each workshop, which will include presentation of data/case studies, organization of an expert panel, and moderation of break-out groups.

Collection of workshop findings – BACEI will compile summary papers of each session, potentially including graphic recordings, that can be disseminated to workshop participants and other key TRIVALLEY constituents.

After these workshops are completed, they will use their findings as inputs for a small “summit” of elected officials, city planners, national laboratory representatives, and key business stakeholders. Within this half-day event, the group will focus on:

  1. Creating a shared vision for the TRIVALLEY in 2040
  2. Identifying the topic areas in which regional solutions are most effective
  3. Finding opportunities for new housing construction
  4. Prioritizing potential transportation and other infrastructure projects
  5. Uncovering partnership opportunities between jurisdictions or private-public partnerships
  6. Leveraging activities already underway to build enhanced workforce development and innovation/entrepreneurship activities

The Bay Area Council Economic Institute has been the leading think tank focused on the economic and policy issues facing the San Francisco/ Silicon Valley Bay Area, one of the most dynamic regions in the United States and the world’s leading center for technology and innovation. A valued forum for stakeholder engagement and a respected source of information and fact-based analysis, the Institute is a trusted partner and adviser to both business leaders and government officials. BACEI will prepare the 2040 Innovation TRIVALLEY Vision Plan for Innovation TRIVALLEY Leadership Group.

Through its economic and policy research and its many partnerships, the Institute addresses major factors impacting the competitiveness, economic development and quality of life of the region and the state, including infrastructure, globalization, science and technology, and health policy. It is guided by a Board of Trustees drawn from influential leaders in the corporate, academic, non-profit, and government sectors. The Institute is housed at and supported by the Bay Area Council, a public policy organization that includes hundreds of the region’s largest employers and is committed to keeping the Bay Area the world’s most competitive economy and best place to live.

Innovation TRIVALLEY Leadership Group (ITV) is led by business leaders and influencers committed to connecting the businesses, research labs, educational institutions, and civic leaders in the TRIVALLEY region. This collaborative force is generating job growth and economic vitality for the region by advocating for the TRIVALLEY as an innovation hub with an unparalleled quality of life. Its focus is on workforce development, education, transportation, housing, marketing the TRIVALLEY and creating an innovation ecosystem which benefits everyone who lives and works in the region.

ITV Partners benefit from access to top business leaders, state and regional political leaders and stakeholder groups, and personal involvement in essential projects like the recently announced 2040 Innovation TRIVALLEY Vision Plan.

We need your investment to deliver the 2040 Vision Plan for our region.

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Thank you to our investing partners!

Thank you to our investing partners!