With a quest to “live a better life while creating a better world,” Innovation Tri-Valley has unveiled its new brand, complete with logo and updated website, innovationtrivalley.org.

Established in 2011, Innovation Tri-Valley (ITV) is a network of business, local government, community and education leaders working to advance the business climate and quality of life within the Tri-Valley region (Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon and Danville) of California. Originally focused on business and economic growth, the group has expanded to take on issues necessary to sustain any innovation ecosystem – among them housing, education, transportation and attracting and retaining a vital workforce.

Today, ITV represents a growing partnership of public and private entities that have committed leadership, time and dollars to securing a bold future for the region.

The branding roll-out serves as a clarion call for various businesses and interests to join ITV’s ranks. “It’s all about collaboration,” explained Dale Kaye, CEO of Innovation Tri-Valley’s leadership group. “We all want the same things. Working together gives us the clout to achieve that.”

ITV focuses on three major pillars: collaboration, growth and lifestyle. Collaboration emphasizes connection, shared values, resources and the community of thinkers. Growth looks at infrastructure, innovation and cultivation of a diverse workforce. Lifestyle speaks to the attractors that bring people to the Tri-Valley – such as recreation, open space, dining, entertainment, climate and more.

Over the years, ITV has partnered or led efforts to grow the region, seek opportunities for more affordable housing, ease traffic congestion, promote local student efforts to give back to their community and recruit a diverse workforce.

ITV’s efforts as well as its strategy are captured on the website, while the new logo is designed to reflect a networked and connected Tri-Valley. The logo utilizes sets of three elements to reinforce the concept of the Tri-Valley while hinting at acceleration, progress and strength.

“We want to be the heart of California innovation,” Kaye said. “We are building an infrastructure that allows access to entrepreneurs, successful companies, advisers and investors. We invite you to join us as we bolster our commitment to each other and the Tri-Valley.”

For more information on Innovation Tri-Valley, or for information on membership, see the website at https://innovationtrivalley.org.