Each year, our partners contribute to the growth and effectiveness of Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group (ITV) and will continue to advance the mission in 2018.

The hard work and accomplishments are woven into the foundation of this growing regional group. So, as ITV builds an aggressive work plan for the upcoming year, we would like to share a few 2017 highlights:

LEGISLATIVE ADVOCACY: The Governor recently signed dozens of legislative actions that impact California housing issues alone, so there is legislation affecting the Tri-Valley that requires constant attention. Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group (ITV) advocated aggressively for key legislative actions affecting Tri-Valley transportation, infrastructure and housing issues this past year.  In the last 90 days alone we have been actively engaged in discussions and taken action on SB 595 (bridge toll fees) AB758 (BART or alternative rail transportation to Central Valley), SB 35 (affordable housing) as well as advocating for construction of the second, much needed BART parking garage in Dublin.

ITV serves on the Board of the Altamont San Joaquin Valley Regional Rail Authority and is an active member of the JPA now assigned to recommend a final plan for  connecting BART/Rail to the Central Valley.  Additionally, we have been called on to testify and advocate at numerous hearings in matters affecting public policy for businesses in the region. This includes supporting housing developments in Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin and San Ramon as well as advocating for stronger and more updated infrastructure through Comcast, AT&T and PG&E – all tied to helping our businesses grow.

REGIONAL LEADERSHIP NETWORK:  The formal ITV network now includes more than 60 official partner organizations, 25 Board Members and 90 committee members working together in four working groups.  Our network also includes elected officials from all 5 cities and 2 counties comprising the Tri-Valley Region.  True to our mission, ITV has effectively become a collaboration of leaders and influencers that meet regularly and effectively connect the businesses, educational institutions, research labs and civic leaders in the region. Our daily work involves finding those opportunities where ITV is uniquely positioned to bring leaders to the table to solve key issues.

Congressman Swalwell recently called on ITV to take even more action on tech education issues in the region.  ITV immediately established a new blue-ribbon committee with 3 highly regarded Co-Chairs – Dr. Kelly Bowers of the education community, Tim Sbranti from the government office of Congressman Swalwell, and Steve Lanza representing the corporate community.  ITV agrees with the Congressman that together, we can take action in the Tri-Valley that has immediate impact for both our students and our regional businesses. Additionally, the award-winning Vets to Tech program will continue to grow and flourish with leadership and operational support from ITV.

REGIONAL MARKETING: In July of 2017, ITV partnered with the San Francisco Business Times to publish a 36-page insert titled “Tri-Valley Innovation Lives Here” which showcased dozens of Tri-Valley businesses. The insert was distributed to more than 50,619 readers in the larger Bay Area and was also rolled out at an evening event in Bishop Ranch business park attended by 200 corporate guests. The event also featured two panels addressing the State of the Tri-Valley. Both panels were populated by ITV members. In April of this year, an 18-month long brand identity project was completed and unveiled to regional leaders, and the TRI-VALLEY – The Heart of California Innovation marketing campaign was born.  This branding program will drive marketing efforts that showcase the region over the next 3 years.

BUSINESS ADVANCEMENT: In 2017, ITV studied real-time heat maps to analyze how much of the skilled workforce that lives here is traveling off to work in other regions each day, and how much talent is simply traveling through the region, moving right past the business community here that needs their high-level talent. The heat-map data proves that today, only 30% of our skilled workforce both live and work here in the Tri-Valley region.  Our Business Innovation committee is working to understand both employee and employer needs and is finding new ways ITV can help.  Additionally, ITV now has an active monthly plan to attract new large and small partner businesses and is working daily to attract key employers and leaders in the area to our discussions.  ITV also regularly hosts roundtable meetings so business leaders have direct access to each other, to new business opportunities, and can also benefit from a direct pipeline with local, state, U.S. and international leaders.  We recently hosted an international delegation studying our innovation ecosystem as a best practice for how collaboration can work in advanced tech communities. We also recently organized a breakfast meeting with local Mayors and City Council Members, and hosted a regional Congressional Site Tour.

ANNUAL EVENTS: ITV is the creator of 2 annual events that underscore innovation in our region.  #Gamechangers, held in March of 2017, honored local business innovation as identified by our economic development partners in our 5 partner cities. ITV presented the prestigious Legacy Award to Lam Research and Bishop Ranch. The inspirational Dreammakers and Risktakers event held in October of 2017, honored young student innovators who are taking risks and breaking new ground in order to make the world a better place. This education based event is hosted together with our partners at the Tri-Valley school systems and was featured in ads and editorials in our regional media. Both annual events inspired new ITV business partnerships and held capacity crowds in 2017. More importantly these events pointed elegantly to ITV’s differentiator from other business groups – our passion to think empathically and our determination to be inclusive, building an ecosystem where everyone thrives.

PARTNERSHIP OUTREACH: ITV Board Members, Committee Members and Team Members are influencers in action and are engaged at every level throughout the region.  You can find us advancing a broad range of economic development initiatives and programs together with our friends and collaborators at the East Bay Economic Development Alliance, Bay Area Council, East Bay Leadership Group, Alameda County Economic Development Department, the State of California and OAK International Airport – just to name a few.

ITV has significant plans for the year ahead including publishing a 2018 Tri-Valley Rising update report with the Bay Area Council, illuminating the challenges and opportunities ahead. Our team looks forward to standing with our business community and partners, as we roll out new initiatives in 2018, and continue to tell the world the vital story of this unique region. If you would like more information on these efforts please contact Dale Kaye, [email protected].