4th Annual edition of The Mirador View - 2019 Perspective of the Tri-Valley - The Intersection of Talent and Technology

“Mirador Capital Partners has released “The Mirador View – 2019 Perspectives on the Tri-Valley” which describes the Tri-Valley as the “intersection of talent and technology .” To read the full report, please visit their website.

The Tri-Valley’s growth has reached new heights. Now in the fourth year of research for this publication, we’ve seen each year build upon the last. We’ve witnessed the creation of the region’s first dedicated venture capital fund, skyrocketing public company performance and startup companies achieve unicorn status.

The most notable theme of 2018 was the repeated emphasis on the quality of people living in the Tri-Valley. We were fortunate to interview several founders, CEOs and CFOs of a number of successful companies headquartered in the Tri-Valley. We met with one of the hottest new startups in the country, Lambda School, and learned how they’re disrupting the future of college education. We had a fascinating conversation with Tim Prendergast, founder of Evident.io, about the importance of providing a high quality of life for his employees. We dug deeper into the growth story of Veeva and also heard from the latest public company to move their headquarters here: TriNet.

In each conversation, founders and executives credited the exceptional talent they found in the Tri-Valley and the wonderful quality of life which attracts them, with enabling their companies to grow and thrive.

Another notable theme which emerged from our research was the diversity and resilience of the Tri-Valley economy. In a year where public equity markets struggled and San Francisco and Silicon Valley experienced net negative migration, Tri-Valley public companies excelled and the population continued to grow. We believe the fundamental qualities that are driving this region’s growth will also build resilience in our local economy even in times of broader market volatility.

We’re excited to share the development and progress of the region’s economic drivers, additions to the innovative ecosystem, groundbreaking technologies and the continued success of public and private companies headquartered here. Companies are starting, growing and succeeding at remarkable rates and we are excited to present these success stories and explore their drivers within the pages of this report.

We hope you enjoy this update.
– Mirador Capital Partners