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Photo by Lisa Chow Photography, Pictured from left: Jennifer Deitsch of AEye, Inc., Greg Hitchan of Tri-Valley Ventures, Luis Dussan, Co-Founder and CTO of AEye, Inc. Valerie and Ransom Wuller (A Eye, Inc. Co-Founder and Treasurer) 

On March 10th, a SOLD-OUT crowd of Tri-Valley Founders, Mentors, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Civic Leaders honored 11 #GameChanging businesses who are CHANGING THE WORLD FROM RIGHT HERE IN THE TRI-VALLEY. The annual event celebrates our thriving regional ecosystem of collaboration and entrepreneurship, as well as those remarkable game-changing personalities who are driving the work.




BoxMedia Disrupting traditional workforce training models and replacing them with personalized, interactive, engaging media that focuses on changing behavior.

Crosschq Pioneers of the Talent Intelligence Cloud™to gather direct insights from people, for people, and transforming those insights into powerfully predictive data to help ensure a great job match.


AEye, Inc. An artificial perception pioneer and provider of intelligent, next generation, adaptive LiDAR for vehicle autonomy, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and robotic vision applications. Nasdaq-LIDR

Vagaro  The leading cloud-based business management platform for beauty, fitness and wellness businesses, recently announced it has raised a new round of funding, now valuing the company at $1 billion.


ACTON  An end-to-end Micromobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solution provider to move people and goods intelligently. Design and build microvehicle systems from LEV charging stations to light fleet solutions.

2022 Founders Award

Advanced Manufacturing Lab, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Situated in the Livermore Valley Open Campus this new collaborative space brings together LLNL’s science and engineering experts with academia and industry, creating dynamic public-private partnerships to address manufacturing challenges.

Monarch Tractor  The world’s first fully electric, driver optional, smart tractor, empowers sustainable farming, increases efficiency and data analysis to improve farming practices and enhance yields.


IrisVision A global leader in digital vision technologies, IrisVision synthesizes neuroscience, augmented reality, and wearable mobile devices to offer people with low vision a new future for vision health.

Tekion Innovator of the Automotive Retail Cloud ™ (ARC), Tekion uses big data, machine learning, and AI to bring together manufacturers, retailers/dealers and consumers, revolutionizing automotive sales.


Raydiant Oximetry Developer of a non-invasive medical device designed to become the new standard of care for fetal monitoring during childbirth.

Striking Distance Studios Led by Dead Space and Call of Duty franchise veteran Glen Schofield, this new state-of-the-art studio in Bishop Ranch is creating at the vibrant intersection of art, design and technology.


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