2020 Dreammakers and Risktakers Awards Event Submission

Gen Z Impact Award – Calling all Gen Z Innovators
New Award Honoring 2020 GenZers

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  • As you draft your Nomination, consider these ideas that might add interest to your answers:

    • What makes this student extraordinary and deserving of recognition?
    • What about the student's personal story is most inspiring?
    • Has the student overcome obstacles or challenges as he/she worked on the innovation?
  • Briefly describe what the nominee accomplished that has made an important impact on you, your school, community, or someone you know. (i.e. Social Innovations, Humanitarian Acts, Technical Innovations, Inventions, Artistic Creations or Accomplishments)
  • Briefly describe why you believe this person is a good candidate for this award. What other attributes has your nominee demonstrated to support this nomination?
  • Is there anything else about your nominee that you would like the Committee to consider? (optional)
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