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We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting another TEDxLivermore this year on June 25, 2016! This year's theme: The Economics of Empathy - Empathy as currency for building community.

Call us civic-minded community leaders with a passion for action who want to continue the dialogues that were started in the last few years. The themes may change from year to year but our commitment remains the same: put on a great event surrounding a theme that brings together the community to address taking action for the greater good. It’s that simple and that great.

We are volunteers representing Innovation Tri-Valley, Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce, ReImagine Science, Common SciSense and World of Children.

This year we are taking our theme from inspiring discussions we have had regarding the kinds of pressures, stresses, and divisive forces that face us in our world today. These forces diminish productivity and excellence. Together, we believe that the antidotes can be found exploring the power of Empathy and Inclusion. We believe this is important and know you do, too!

TEDxLivermore will present the most inspiring thinking on Empathy and Inclusion from the Tri-Valley, and beyond. We believe that understanding and addressing these issues will enable us to make the best future possible for our community and our world.

So in the spirit of our wine country heritage, we invite you to be a part of something great:

Change your life and help others in your world do the same!


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