Design to Manufacturing Academy

Overview: This academy targets high school students with an interest in learning more about manufacturing. Students will have the opportunity to learn about manufacturing through "hands on" activities at actual manufacturing businesses. In addition, students will meet and interact with professionals in all aspects of the manufacturing process to better understand the careers in this field. The academy is a structured program of three half days of modules that expose students to the entire manufacturing process: from the initial design to fabrication and finally failure testing.

Target Audience: Tri-Valley High School students that are in ROP shop and metal classes as well as students interested in engineering or manufacturing careers.

Course Description: The academy program is six modules and includes the following:

  • Design in CAD or CREO
  • 3-D printing of prototype
  • Machining the part
  • Welding
  • Inspection and quality control
  • Testing to failure and feedback to design

Also included in the academy are networking activities for students with industry professionals.

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