STEM Education Programs


The need to analyze what exists in the Tri-Valley cities of Danville, Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, and San Ramon educational systems regarding STEM Education. Each school district is busy developing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math programs that meet their students demand, but without the direct input from the business community.


To develop a cohesive program that looks at all five school districts plus the Community Colleges and develop a matrix of what each group is pursuing. This will not only give the business community a better understanding of the educational standards; it will also open the door for the business community to engage the education community on what the educated workforce of tomorrow will need to know to be successful.

Bringing Business and Educators to the Same Table

  • Develop an umbrella organization of Innovation Tri-Valley to provide the organization and skills needed to analyze the materials
  • Produce a matrix which defines each district’s STEM Educational Plan
  • Create an opportunity for the business community to connect with the schools and provide needed direction and advice on how to develop a comprehensive STEM program
  • Analyze the matrix to determine the missing links and provide data and input to fill in the gaps of what the business community needs and how our educational system can provide it

The ultimate goal is to produce an educated, certificated workforce that will make our next generation successful and move our country forward.

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