Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group


Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group has been working hard to bring about change in the Tri-Valley region in California. With businesses and education partnering together, we have accomplished the following:

  • Inclusive website that lets each partner put up releases about their company or organization. This website is highly optimized and contains a mobile-enabled web platform.
  • A comprehensive report about the potential and assets throughout the Tri- Valley
  • Aplan that includes Innovative Education, STEM, Business Innovation, Public/Private Innovation, Quality of Life and Marketing/Branding, but with enough fluidity that we can include other issues like transportation and sustainability
  • Linking business to education via surveys, working with TEC and getting business invested through monies for new programs and use of facilities for training.
  • Working with labs and businesses to promote quality teacher professional development in math and science. Both Sandia and Lawrence Livermore National labs have programs in place.
  • Connecting schools in business via surveys, internships
  • Creating a path from early childhood through employment for work force development
  • Starting to defining through studies what jobs will be out there in the next five, ten years
  • Legislation that would make the Tri-Valley a model program for a simplified and locally focused process for permitting. This has had buy in from every level of government - Innovation Tri-Valley's program is recognized by all Mayors, County officials, State and Federal Representatives.
  • Helping to brand the area by bringing in Cleantech Open, bidding on Global Cleantech
  • Created a flagship event- the annual Innovation Forum held at Casa Real, done in partnership with the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Advocated for partnerships that can scale up area businesses like the CES/Bridgelux Partnership which was passed by City Council in Livermore in October 2012. We also advocated for the partnerships in other cities and regions

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